Ladies and gents it's your favorite Bahamian rapper here, best known for the hit songs "Get Dis Paper (2008)" and "Leave Dat Girl Alone(2009)". Many people always asked why I never released a full length project back then during the peak of my musical career in The Bahamas, and why I just faded into the background for so many years when it seemed I was just starting to grab the attention of the international music industry. Truth be told, I was blind, misinformed and I didn't have all the necessary resources at my disposal at the time. A lot has changed since then, but one thing is for sure, I'm still the same great artist and songwriter now as I was then.

In 2007, when I first started to take my music seriously, almost every Bahamian musician who was not creating the traditional Bahamian "RakeN' Scrape" music (but especially rappers), can testify to the fact that it took 3 times the effort than that of a musician from the US, UK or Canada, to have our music aired on local radio stations. Studio equipment was expensive and there were only a handful of good quality recording studios around back then. I become apart of a movement of local musicians, along with the likes of MDEEZ, PADRINO, PUZZLE and others, who created a musical presence so strong that the radio stations could no longer deny the fact that there was most certainly a vast variety of talented musicians throughout the Bahamas who create music other than the traditional Bahamian sounds, non-traditional Bahamian  music on an international level.

"I'm rarely impressed with hearing new music no matter wherever in the world I am, but here (in the Bahamas) I've found some quite impressive acts. as far as rappers, I like POET... He writes hit songs." - KERI HILSON

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Breaking the radio was just the beginning, next came the sneaky promoters who would seek to exploit the local artists talent without compensation. The lack of respect shown to local artist by promoters was unbelievable. Many promoters thought it hard to give a local artist $100 and some respect, making it seem as if the artist was being granted such a huge favor. Then we had the internet, we can post our work online for exposure and build a fan base, but monetizing it at the time seemed to be a whole bunch of headache, and in many cases it seemed to me like The Bahamas was maybe just a lil to small to be afforded access to the countless online opportunities available to musicians all over the world...... or was it?

Fast forward to the present day.....I'm back, smarter and wiser than I was seven years ago and with my own recording studio now. Here's the best part, with everything that I've learnt in my absence from the local music scene, I'm now here to help other independent artists take their music to the world. It's actually pretty easy now, so for those of you musicians who still feel like you can't make a living from your music unless you're being supported by some record label, I want to show you how to set yourself up as a true independent artist and monetize your work so that you can begin to make a living doing what you love. Don't forget to check out my music while you're here, more importantly, sign up to my mailing list to receive future emails, updates, new releases and vlogs to help you become the independent artist you long to be.