I like to look at it like this, you website is your brand.  In The Bahamas, this is probably the most overlooked aspect of an independent artist's career.  This should NOT be disregarded.  In fact, building your own website is a very important factor in monetizing your music and your brand.  Nowadays, building a website has become a relatively easy process, with the aid of online web hosts who provide specific templates and special features catering to a wide variety of users. The first step to creating your very own independent artist website is to identify a web host offering services designed specifically for musicians.  Although there may be quite a few out there, I've found BANDZOOGLE to be extremely useful, providing musicians with features like music players, social media sync, live chat support and an online web store for artists to sell their work, among other features.  Just have a look at my homepage and that should give you some idea as to what can be created using Bandzoogle.  You can check out their website at  
Your artist website should feature your music, photos, videos (music videos, performance footage and vlogs), blogs, press releases, performance schedules, updates and more.  Remember this, to attract fans, you got to have content, nobody wants to stare at an empty website page.  Once you've created your website, you will need to begin driving traffic in it's direction.  If you've completed your social media setup, then you've most certainly got a head start. 
The main objective here is to get online users to subscribe to your website by registering with their email addresses. Always keep in mind, the game is about marketing and monetization.  This is a game of numbers, and you need all the numbers you can get. Start posting...... everywhere.  All of your social media accounts should be talking about your website in an effort to drive traffic.  To make it attractive, try giving something away to new subscribers like a free song download.  Bandzoogle supports this feature while allowing you to sync your Facbook, Instagram and Twitter accounts to assist in reaching out to your fans. 
As you begin to to understand how all these details are tied together, I'm sure you'll find yourself using paid promotions on your social media pages to promote your website, but that topic can be saved for a later discussion.  The key to your website is content, content and more content.  Be mindful though, that content is more than just song, photo and video uploads.  This will also be discussed in future blogs, as this is very important when the time comes to monetize your website.