Dreamin’ is a triumphant showcase of all this rapper has to offer as D'Poet delves into love, relationships, contemporary politics and social justice with strong hooks, lyrics and skill in a format that is highly accessible for universal audiences.”

Bryon William Harris (Please Pass The Indie)

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I'm rarely impressed with hearing new music no matter wherever in the world I am, but here (in the Bahamas) I've found some quite impressive acts. as far as rappers, I like POET... He writes hit songs”

Keri Hilson, eLife 242 Magazine interview

Whether or not you normally listen to spoken word, this one will change your view of this unique musical style. Definitely give it a listen.”

Bob Legget (Iammusiccritic.com)

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So,  you wanna make music do you?  Well, let me ask you this. Do you just want to "make music" or do you want to become an artist ?  See there's a difference. Anybody can make music, but an artist takes their work seriously.  So ask…

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