Reverbnation Tips 


I think I joined Reverbnation back in 2008, but at the time I had no idea what a POWERFUL tool this site was for independent artists, this should NOT be overlooked. If you don't have a Reverbnation page up and running right now, then go ahead and create one here at right now. Now you have to understand how this works, like I said before you have to be willing to invest in your career. Once you've taken the steps to protect your work, you can upload your music to reverbnation and see how you stack up against independent artists in your area and around the world.   
There's no charge to create your artist profile, but to truly see how powerful this site is and the opportunities it affords you as an artist, your gonna have to pay the subscription fee. Users have an option to pay a monthly or yearly subscription. My personal opinion here, subscribe for the year one time. The monthly subscription is around $10 and the yearly subscription fee is $99.00 (a discount of two months). Here's the thing, a subscription allows the artist to submit their music to the countless opportunities promoted through reverbnation, by various radio stations (inclusive of online radio), publications, record labels, promoters and others.  


As an independent artist, you want to to gain as much exposure as possible, this is THE PLATFORM to get it done. One submission may land you a feature spot on the home page of , another submission may land your song in rotation for a month on a radio station in the UK. Subscribe to reverbnation and submit your songs to as many opportunities that fit your genre as you see available. If you're really good at what you do, then you're sure to land something!    
There are other websites online catering to independent artists, is a great platform to place your songs in competition with artists in the same genre all over the world. Reverbnation however, certainly ranks among the best of them.    
Ad campaigns can also be purchased through Reverbnation, these ads however, don't target individuals specifically. Ad campaigns on this website target the websites of online publications, radio stations, etc. reaching out to millions of online users across the globe. Once the artist understands how this all works, it then becomes of question of how much is the artist willing to invest to showcase their music to the world? After all, if you won't invest money into yourself, why should someone else spend money on you? Remember this, mastering social media will help you to build your fan base, and you want as many fans as you can get.


Reverbnation is defined by Wikipedia as an online platform that provides tools and opportunities for musicians to manage their careers. This popular website allows artists and musicians to broadcast, display and publicize their songs. Followers can watch, purchase or download songs based on the alternatives the celebrity has picked. The site offers concert booking and promotion, digital distribution, fan relationship management, sentiment tracking, web promotion, and web hosting. 
I want to make mention of a few features in particular and how they assist in enhancing your career as an artist.  Most artists simply create a profile and upload their music, but there is so much more to it than just that.  Crowd reviews and promotional ads are two of the many features available to assist you in choosing the the best song to promote and targeting the right audience.


Crowd reviews are used by the artist to receive authentic feedback on their songs. This site feature allows users to rate music while allowing the artist to get an idea of their song's market potential. Songs with a review rating of 7.5 or higher automatically earn a featured artist spot on the Reverbnation's homepage. This results in great exposure, as Reverbnation boasts some 30 million unique visitors every month. This feature uses polls to gather information from reviewers and then uses the information to determine a song's commercial potential, production quality and audience identification.






Paid promotions on any social media platform can be very effective when used correctly. However, unlike Facebook and Twitter, the Reverbnation "promotions" feature focuses on promoting your ads outside of their platform and onto various music oriented websites.  These paid promotions are seen on websites like Youtube, Pandora, MTV, XXL, BET, VH1, COMPLEX and a variety of others, including Facebook


This may be the best feature available on Reverbnation, allowing you to submit your songs for review by various websites, radio stations, publications and promoters in the US, UK and Canada, seeking to feature new artists. There are opportunities for any and every genre of music here. Submit your music for a chance to be interviewed on 50 Cent's entertainment blog ThisIs50, or get featured and reviewed alongside indie standouts on UK's Unsigned Music Blog. Land a full page feature in the award winning 360 MAGAZINE or reach thousands of UK listeners on Salford City Radio 94.4 FM. Find an opportunity suited to your genre of music and submit your best song. If you're not a subscriber to Reverbnation, then every submission comes with a fee. All submissions are free to subscribers.

As an independent artist its important that you seize every opportunity you can in an effort to gain exposure and promote your music. These website features along with others, enable the artist to do just that.