Once you've copyrighted your work and registered yourself with a performing rights organization, the next step to becoming a fully independent artist is to promote your work. In this day and age nothing beats social media marketing, this aspect of your career is vital in building your brand and your fanbase, as the art of marketing and monetization starts here. It's important for me to note here that as an independent artist, believing in yourself is very important. You must believe in yourself enough to be willing to invest in your career. You would have noticed this if you have completed the first two steps already, as copyrighting and registering to a P.R.O. both have application fees. 

Moving right along, almost everybody uses social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to keep in touch with family and friends near and far, you can start there. If you don't have a user profile on one or more of these sites, you should create one now. Add as many of your closest friends and family as you can, as well as co-workers, whether past or present, as they're all most likely to be the first supporters of your new endeavor. Join groups on these sites that share similar interests as yourself, target music and entertainment groups especially. Also, your school, whether current or former, may more than likely have a group page, find and join them. 
Many of these platforms now allow users to create promotional ads, which enables users to target a specific demographic, this will prove to be very useful as you begin to promote your music across the globe. Take Facebook for example, Facebook allows users to create a separate business page for promotional purposes, within their user profile, this way the user's personal page stays personal and business is business. Create a page within your profile specifically to promote yourself as "the artist" and keep this page all about your work. Your Facebook artist page is where you post your music, blogs and video clips to keep your fans updated on your development. Reach out to the one's on your friends list and send them a request to like and follow your artist page. 
Now, understanding the process of creating and properly executing a paid promotion is relatively easy once you know what you're looking at on your screen. This process will be explained in further detail in a future post, just keep in mind that this is where you need to determine how much you're willing to invest in your career, so if you haven't done so already, start putting some bub aside.